Apple TV+ Unveiled


Apple  announced Monday March 25, 2019 a new video streaming service, Apple TV+, to compete with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime and others. It also unveiled a new credit card tied to Apple Pay and Apple News+, a Subscription news service.

The iPhone has traditionally been Apple's biggest moneymaker, but those sales have been slowing, so the company is looking to make services a bigger part of its business.

Apple TV+ will incorporate some existing cable, satellite and other streaming video subscription including Hulu, HBO and Showtime. The service starting in May, will let subscribers pay for only channels they want in a single app, download shows to watch offline.

According to Peter Stern, VP of services at event in Cupertino, California, "It's  all together  in on place, No more bouncing from app to app."

Apple did not announce a price for the new service.  However, Apple is hoping customers will pay $10 a month for content, as well as $20, $30 0r $40 a month to be their one-stop shop for music, video and news for all their devices.